Protect Pangolins!!

Another curious looking animal, with a sweet face, and scales and a long tongue is being threatened with extinction.  The Pangolin is a type of anteater that is being poached for its scales (medicinal qualities, they say: its just keratin, the same material that rhino horns and your fingernails are made of) and they are getting eaten to extinction. (the Chinese make a soup that is made of pangolin fetuses).

Why, oh why????  If ground keratin makes a man more virile, why don’t these men just rip their own fingernails out and use that??

My fellow artists at Glashaus (studio collective), Rondi Vasquez and Monica Hui and I decided to collaborate together on a letterpress print to help support Pangolin Advocacy.  Rondi is a letterpress artist, Monica is a mixed media artist who also loves animals.  We have created an edition of 50 letterpress prints and all are signed and numbered.  The unframed prints are $30 and ALL proceeds will go to wildlife and specifically to a pangolin preservation organization.  You can purchase these at this link.


Is China beginning to respond to the perceptions of its impact on wildlife?

Blogger Grace Ge Gabriel was overwhelmed by the reaction to her blog posted from the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) 16th Conference of Parties, entitled “My angst over China’s role in the trade of endangered species.”

In three days after the blog was posted on International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) China’s Weibo, (micro-blog site), it was viewed by nearly two thousand Chinese netizens and forwarded hundreds of times.

Of the over 200 comments, 99% supported her views.

“Many posts shared my feeling of shame and frustration about how China is viewed by the majority of citizens in many other countries, due to its relentless taking of resources around the world.”

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